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Keep your team connected and make remote work a little easier with Microsoft Teams. Get the latest in file sharing, video conferencing, zero-trust security, and serverless cloud solutions.

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Benefits of Microsoft Teams

Transform your business into a modern workplace in days.

And bring a complete, modern technology platform, plus decades of experience with military, healthcare, and financial institutions to your remote team with Imagis.


Collaborate on shared documents.


Communicate quickly and effectively.


Secure your business.

  • Get secure access to Microsoft Teams with Multi-Factor Authentication.
  • Share Instant Messages with your internal team.
  • Communicate via IM, voice, and video with other companies using Teams.
  • Collaborate on documents with your whole organization (org-wide team).
  • Conduct audio and video calls one-to-one.
  • Host virtual meetings with up to 200 participants.
  • Provide an audio-conferencing bridge with local numbers for other countries.
  • Set up live streaming events to host webinars.
  • Record and store meetings in Microsoft Stream with automatic transcription.
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